Demo Test Device

Support Smart TV, Smart Phone, Android TV Box, Tablet, Mag box, STB Device,
it also requieres an stable internet network with width over 20Mb of download to make sure a good connection.
please tell us your mac address for your test with Mag box or STB device.

Demo Application

The iptv gratis test link will not works directly with broswer, you are required to make it works with app, the following app can bring a good experience.
XCIPTV 4.0.4

to get to know better on how good our server works, best solution is test with smart phone which support fine with IPTV,
we suggest you get a TV box with 8GB ram, for the smart TV’s RAM is often too small to run the huge m3u list smoothly,
what’s more, now brand smart TV such as Samsung/LG/SONY/Philip keep blocking IPTV apps all the time,
so this is the reason you can’t install the app: iptv-smarters player, gse smart IPTV etc. popular ones,
you will always get same problem no matter which iptv service you have, sometimes can’t get sign in even if you fill in with all the right information,
many customers don’t know how is this happen and just forward their endless talking with seller trying to figure out the problem,
yet nothing will be changed until you get a TV box with the app: GSE smart iptv app installed there.

if test with smart TV, then IPTV-Smarters, SS IPTV, Net IPTV would be good option.

Generally, there are tons of guide on youtube and you will find and get to know how to make your device work within minutes.
if neccessary, you can ask assistance from us to guide you step by step by whatsapp: 86 136 0305 2393

We don’t suggest you proceed demo with PC with VLC player, which is too easy to get crash.

Please upgrade your device firmware to the latest version to make sure a better demo.


  1. Clean device of the unwanted cache.
  2. Refresh guide
  3. Log out. Wait 5 minutes. Log back in
  4. Unplug device wait 5 min plug back in
  5. Setting ,WiFi ,select your WiFi to choose forget network sign back in
  6. Unplug router wait 15 minutes then plug in. Resign into WiFi on the device
  7. Uninstall reinstall app

GSE Smart IPTV download link: (For iOS decive)

SLTV app download link: (For Android Device)

For more information and guide, please check from our youtube channel here:

Is it possible to test with different smart Phone brand or TV?

Yes, our IPTV support any brand of smart phone and smart TV only if you can install the app to play,
no matter your device are based on ios or Android system, so Samsung, LG, Sony, XiaoMi, Huawei are all ok.

The test link is only 24 hours, and please ask for iptv prueba gratis as you get get ready to test,
keep asking for prueba iptv link yet don’t test it as we send to you is not welcomed,
trying to ask for smart iptv gratis again and again as there is a live game yet never purchase is not welcomed.

And there is no test link as there is a live game, for some clients to save their bucket and keep asking endless test links only for their favorite team game,
yet never subscribe any package after the test, so we do not offer any test links during game time.

24/7 support with excellent quality watching without buffering, watch your favorite channels or series, films with your device at anywhere, and anytime.

After the test, you can relax the proceed with a none tracble payment option to avoid any of risky.