Gse smart IPTV app works best with iOS, Android system device such as Smart phone, tablet, android TV box, fire sticker, most of our current clients are using this app and have very good experience, so if you don’t know how to set it with m3u link, or you don’t have good experience with other app, please read the guide and which will help to get a new starts definitely.

1. Search GSE Smart IPTV app and download it from app store.
2. Choose the Xtream code api – which brings you a neat category
3. Fill in the request information: username, password, server url
4. Get download the playlist
5. Choose the live channels, or VODs to play.

1. Make sure you fill in the right information we send to you, or you can not get sign-in if anything wrong, please chceck it out carefully.

2. For the anyname column, please fill in anyname yet above 5 characters at best.

3. Please give the playlist download enought time to finish the entire process, it will to the next page as it get done,
you will get 0 channels if your network does not stable, or you did not give it enough time to finish.

4. No need to choose the EPG, for app will download it automatically as you get sign-in, and some channels have, some don’t, it depends on the channle source.

We have guide on how to set up Greek IPTV with IPTV Smarters, Net IPTV, SS IPTV, Duplex, Home IPTV,
please check the guide here by our Youtube channel:

gse smart iptv app set
gse smart iptv app set
gse smart iptv app set
gse smart iptv app set
gse smart iptv app set
gse smart iptv app set