How can we keep your information private?

Customers’ personal details are top privacy all the time, not only for the business eternity but also for the safety of your private information not been traced under inspection…

We collect and manage every client’s data to our policy, you default to admit the terms of our policy as you are using our website.

Cookies are tiny sized text file from your visit record as you are visiting our web, the sole behavior based on your cookies are offered our better service, and you can choose to block the cookies in your browser setting at any time.

As for your private phone # as you send messages on WhatsApp for test link, we will never share your phone # with anyone else, also will not use it in other business activities without your permission.

For the payment process, any of your credits cards information, Paypal, name, shipping address, emails, etc. information will never get exposed in public, so no one will know your purchase from us, or what exactly did you pay for, if there are any of your information get leaked, please try to contact us immediately with thanks..

Any more questions about privacy, please contact me.